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Posted after the FTC-Tetrix Showcase (at the World Championships in Atlanta) unveiling of the new FTC kit:

We have seen the new FTC kit, but do not possess one for full evaluation.  The most important thing - we have pictures!  Scroll down to see our photos, posted in smaller web scale (900x600 72dpi, click thumbnails) and full-size (3072x2048 300dpi, click thumbnails).  Our photos were taken at the new kit showcase area in the pits, at a LEGO Education presentation, and at the demonstration on the FTC field.

For the upcoming 2008-9 FTC season, FIRST has committed donated funds to defraying half of the expense of a new $900 competition kit for each of this seasons registered teams, leaving a total of $450 to acquire this equipment.  In addition, another 250 rookie teams will be eligible for a $450 grant on the basis of financial need.  Each state FTC partner will receive $5000 toward their program expenses.

As it stands currently, the new FTC kit consists of a LEGO NXT controller, a custom secondary controller (for motors and sensors), 11 motors (4 substantial 12V gear motors, 4 servomotors & 3 LEGO NXT motors), 10 sensors (standard NXT touch, light, ultrasonic and sound, plus compass, acceleration, gyroscope and color), 2 NiMH 7.2v 3000mAh rechargeable batteries, aluminum building components (beams, gears, brackets, tubes, etc), multiple wheels, a Bluetooth game controller, various wires and mounting hardware and three coding environments (NXT-G, LabVIEW & RobotC). LEGO components come in the form of a full Mindstorms NXT kit, complete with LEGO building pieces.

Web-resolution image gallery:

Full-resolution image gallery:

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