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Team Unlimited is grateful for the gracious invitation from Vince Frascella, the FTC Partner for New Jersey, to attend the FTC software training seminar presented Saturday (July 19th 2008) at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.  The session was arranged by the NJ FTC Planning Committee, and featured Bill Carey of Team Overdrive (FTC 74) training on NXT-G, Steve Rhoads of the TechnoMages (FTC 11) training on RobotC, and Jeff Steele of National Instruments training on LabVIEW.  It was extremely valuable for to be exposed to all three environments in one day (although a bit intense), in order to compare and contrast, as well as learn some of the basics.  They each have unique strengths, and we feel that each has an important place in the FTC coding toolkit.

The final competition served to cap the day, with FTC 6 (Driven Nuts from PA) winning for the RobotC, FRC 2070 from (Pirates from Ridgefield NJ) winning for LabVIEW, and Montclair Robotics (from NJ) winning for NXT-G and Overall.

RobotC Session

Vince Frascella

Steve Rhoads, instructor

RobotC debugger

NXT-G class

Bill Carey, instructor


NJIT buildings

LabVIEW class

Jeff Steele, instructor

Selecting code focus

Testing w/RobotC


RobotC winner

LabVIEW winners

NXT-G & Overall winners

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