NY Maker Faire


The Maker Movement is a phenomena that has been building over the past decade.  From DIY and kit assembly through to laser cutters, CNC and 3D printers, people are modifying existing technology ("We void warranties") and creating new devices at an ever accelerating rate.  The popularity of FIRST is one significant manifestation, but there are many others.

All around the US and the world, Maker Faires are being held to showcase the work of groups and individuals to the wider public.  The World Maker Faire being held in and around the New York Hall of Science (Flushing Meadows, Queens) on September 21st and 22nd is an incredible opportunity to experience a wide range of innovative and fascinating technology all gathered together for a weekend.  Advance student single day tickets are $15, $20 on-site. 

Check it out!

Note - Team Unlimited has no financial interest in this event - we just think it is cool!

Follow the Make Magazine blog for daily postings of cool technology projects (without having to leave your desk)!

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