Sharon Prints


Team Unlimited has made available prints of various Sharon scenes (see sample images below) to raise funds for our team operations.  These images are mostly 11"x14" (some 12"x18") matted to 16"x20" (or 18"x24"), unframed.

If you are interested in supporting our team and obtaining some beautiful images, please contact us by email and we will arrange to deliver your choices to you.

Communicate with us by email ( - we will get you the prints that you want!

Of course, donations and offers of sponsorship are also greatly appreciated!

Sharon 01

Deborah Sampson Summer

Sharon 02

Deborah Sampson Fall

Sharon 03

Ward's Pumpkins

Sharon 04

Ward's Sunflower

Sharon 05

Rose of Sharon

Sharon 06

Mann's Pond Dam

Sharon 07

Mann's Pond in Fall

Sharon 08

Cranberry bogs

Sharon 09

Moose Hill pasture

Sharon 10

Monarch at rest

Sharon 11

Massapoag - heading in

Sharon 12

Massapoag - docked

Sharon 13

Massapoag - beach

Sharon 14

Sharon map - 1875

Sharon 15

Sharon map - 1894

Sharon 16

Massapoag - spring sailing

Sharon 17

Wolomolopoag in summer

Sharon 18

Sharon Center - 1876

All images are copyright of SciTech Gallery, and cannot be reproduced without permission.

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