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The New England Wireless and Steam Museum, normally open by appointment, holds an open house and exhibition annually, highlighting both their extensive collection and various steam-related equipment brought in by exhibitors.  Steam engines, from tiny models to large permanently emplaced engines will be operating throughout the day.  A huge collection of early radio equipment will also be on display.  This is a once-a-year opportunity for those interested in historic engineering and technology to get a close look!

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2013 Yankee Steam-Up

For model makers, Machinists, Engineers & Historians
Saturday September 21, 2013
1300 Frenchtown Road, East Greenwich, RI 02818 
Steam & Compressed Air for Models. 
Licensed Boilers & Licensed Engineers. 
New England's Largest Steam-Up Boiler. 
Giant Working Steam Engines & Hot Air & IC. 
Admission, $15.00         Exhibitors, Free 
All Steam-Up Proceeds go to Upkeep of the Museum 
Free Parking         Food on Grounds at noon
Phone: (401) 885-0545,
 E-Mail: newsm@newsm.org
Web Site: http://www.newsm.org
Volunteers please call or E-mail


And for something completely different (but still a lot of fun), try the annual Watch City Steampunk Festival, last held May 10-12 2013 in Waltham MA.

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