Team Unlimited is part of the Sharon Youth Robotics Association (SYRA), founded in 2002 as a FIRST LEGO League team and now competing in the FIRST Tech Challenge.  Our team members and coach/mentors are dedicated to the principles of FIRST, and promoting FIRST involvement in our community.  We owe a great debt to FIRST and to the SYRA for the opportunities that we have been afforded, and we pay it forward!

2011-2012 season - this year's story will unfold!

2010-2011 season - The team, now with more experience, added FTC mentoring activities back into the mix with the FLL activities still on-going.  Mentoring the 11 teams for the SYRA, as well as refereeing at all the Eastern MA FLL tournaments, was a consuming activity.  Working on our FTC "Get Over It!" challenge robot kept us engaged as well.

Qualifying for the MA FTC Championship with the Inspire award at the BU qualifier, the team focused on providing help desk services at the succeeding competitions.  The team was honored to receive the CT FTC State Championship Inspire Award.  The team captained the Winning Alliance at the MA FTC State Championship (with our good friends the Lexington MITIbots and the Sharon Myotonics), and won the Connect Award (and were finalists for the Innovate, PTC Design, Think and Inspire Awards).  The World Championship in St. Louis was a great experience!

2009-2010 season - The team, led by the former "rookie squad", adds a number of new members to fill the roster.  New coaches are leading the team, with the founding coach still active in support.

FTC mentoring activities are somewhat curtailed, as the experience level of the team needs enhancement.  FLL mentoring, training and refereeing/officiating continues unabated, as most members came from the FLL program.  The team ran the Fourth Sharon FLL Invitational.  

The CT "Robot Rally" scrimmage was a great success, as well as the Overclocktoberfest and the Screamage at FIRST HQ.  Te team was recognized with the Volunteer Award at the Robonautica MA State FLL Championship, for their FLL officiating activities.  The team received the Think Award at the MA State FTC Championship, and led the Winning Alliance and received the Connect Award at the CT State FTC Championship.  The World Championship, our last in Atlanta, was exciting for the new squad.  We again led an FTC Futures forum at the FIRST Robotics Conference, as well as an "FLL to FTC" workshop.  The team was proud to receive the Connect Award.

2008-2009 season - We continued to mentor our SYRA FLL teams, following our varied summer project season (including running a robotics summer camp session).  A series of FTC promotional activities coincided with FLL mentoring and competition support.  We expanded our referee training further, and acted as refs and head refs at 4 state tournaments, in addition to the Third Sharon Invitational.  FTC mentoring activities have been continued in CT, MA and RI, with workshops, scrimmages and tournament support.  The Netherlands FTC committee visited with us to discuss their new program.  Our "Face Off!" challenge robot was worked on over the entire season!

The team added a "rookie squad" this season to prepare for the graduation of the founding squad this spring.  Their commitment was impressive, and the Team Unlimited's future is in good hands.

We competed in the NJ State FTC Championship, winning a Finalist Alliance Award for our division.  We had the good to be part of the Finalist Alliance at the MA State FTC Championship, winning the Inspire Award.  We volunteered at the CT State FTC Championship.  The FTC World Championship was great fun, and we were once again finalists for the Inspire Award.  The FTC World Championship was great fun, but somewhat bitter-sweet for the graduating team members from all three Sharon teams.  We led an "FTC Futures" forum at the FIRST Robotics Conference.  We were once again finalists for the Inspire Award, and were recognized with a Judges' Award - "Unlimited Potential".

2007-2008 season - We once again mentored our SYRA FLL teams, following our varied summer project season.  We organized and sponsored the Second Annual Sharon FLL Invitational competition, and refereed at MA State FLL competitions.  We demonstrated FTC robots and TieCON, and attended a Tie robotics round table at the MIT Museum.  We are executed a series of FTC promotional activities to coincide with FLL mentoring and competition support.  We presented workshops on Vex Design and EasyC programming for RI FTC teams.  We worked hard on our FTC competition robot, to meet the "Quad Quandary" challenge!

We had the good to be part of the Finalist Alliance at the MA State FTC Championship, winning the Inspire Award.  We were volunteers at the RI State FTC Championship the next day.  We won the Think Award at the CT State FTC Championship.  The FTC World Championship was great fun, and we were once again finalists for the Inspire Award.

2006-2007 season - We have continued our mentoring activities for the SYRA FLL teams this year, after having spent the summer on new FVC chassis designs.  Training for the new Mindstorms NXT system was a priority, as well as orienting and supporting our new teams.  We organized and sponsored the First Annual Sharon FLL Invitational competition.  Our FVC promotional activities were abbreviated this season, due to FLL & FVC tournaments being held on the same days.

With the FVC competitions in the fall this season, our robot development track paralleled our FLL mentoring.  Our new "13th Warrior" robot for the "Hangin'-A-Round" challenge is designed to score softballs high or low (gathering as many as 4 at once), and park (but not hang).  To optimize torque and speed, we have integrated a new 2-speed gear shifter into our chassis.

We competed in the Massachusetts FVC Championship, where we formed the winning alliance (with roboNatick) and received the "Inspire Award".  We also competed in the Connecticut FVC Championship, where we were part of the runner-up alliance (with Team Impulse and Rosie's Lil Sis) and received the "Innovation Award" for our technical design.

At the World Championships in Atlanta, we were undefeated at the end of the qualifying rounds, and were allied with the Sharon Myotonics and ConTRAPPtion for the elimination finals.  Unfortunately, an equipment malfunction knocked us out of the quarterfinals.  We were honored to be one of three finalists for the Inspire Award.

2005-2006 season - We focused on the FIRST LEGO League during the fall season, expanding both our FLL and Vex mentoring and website activities.  We establishing a "Mentor's Team" for the SYRA, orienting and training rookie teams at both the weekly all-team meetings and individual team meetings.  We both promoted and demonstrated the Vex program at all the Massachusetts FLL competitions, with our table display and demo robotic soccer game.

We focused on the FIRST Vex Competition during the spring season.  Our robot design ("The 13th Warrior") addressing the "Half-Pipe Hustle" challenge by collecting balls from both the floor and wall dispenser, and scoring to both the corner and center goals.  We competed in the Hartford NERVE (New England Regional Vex Event) and in Atlanta as FVC team 13, forming alliances in both of the finals series.  Our most notable accomplishment was coming in second (to the Sharon Myotonics) in autonomous mode in Atlanta.

2004-2005 season – In our third year in FLL competition, we met the No Limits challenge!  We placed 1st at the Blackstone Regional, and achieved 2nd place in Robotic Performance and the 1st place Innovative Solution award at the Eastern MA State.  In the post-season Quinsigamond Regional, we reached the semi-finals, and achieved the top technical award for our innovative “Eagle OverDrive” design.

We and our sister team (the AngelBots) were selected to participate in the FIRST Vex Competition.  Our team seeded 3rd in a scrimmage at WPI scrimmage, as the only team to cap a goal.  We brought our bots to Atlanta (Unlimited 13 with a goal capping design, AngelBots 44 with a bar hanging design), and ranked 19th and 29th going into Alliances.  Unlimited was chosen as part of the top ranked Alliance, but was eliminated before the finals. At the Vex wrap party, we were selected by ILM alumni and MythBuster Grant Imahara, and won the Celebrity robotics competition.

Our research project was a major focus this season, using an IFI Robovation kit to design and prototype a robotic “Avatar” for remote use by folks lacking mobility.  We developed the Eagle OverDrive, a new design to help FLL robots to go straight.  We took the lead in training and mentoring new teams for the SYRA.  We also created three websites, for the SYRA (, for our FLL team ( and for the new Vex program (

2003-2004 season – In our second year in FLL competition, we met the Mission Mars challenge!  We observed at the Blackstone Regional, achieved the Honors Robust Design award at the Central MA State, and achieved 1st place in Robot Performance and the Director’s Award at the Eastern MA State.  We represented Massachusetts in the international FLL competition in Atlanta, combined with another SYRA team (the AngelBots).

We broadened our focus to include a research project during this season, and refined our modular “CoreBot” for greater performance and ruggedness.

2002 season – In our first year in FLL competition, we met the City Sights challenge!  Observed at the Blackstone Regional, achieved first place in Robot Performance at the Eastern MA State, observed at the Central MA State, and achieved first place in the junior division at the post-season Charlton Regional.

We focused only on learning the LEGO Mindstorms system and the robot competition in this first season, developing a modular robot approach.

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