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New Tetrix "Getting Started" on-line guide

Free online FTC/RobotC training course from Carnegie Melon Robotics Academy

Carnegie-Mellon Tetrix Software & Hardware tutorials

Purchase Tetrix components at a 30% discount as an FTC team

Team Unlimited TETRIX workshops

Purchase LEGO-approved advanced sensors from HiTechnic

Tetrix coding resources posted by Carnegie Mellon

Historical information

Tetrix parts first posted on the Pitsco catalog website

Original FIRST Bill of Materials for the FTC Tetrix kit

FTC-New Jersey FTC programming workshop

Team Unlimited visited FIRST HQ - FTC Q&A

Senior Mentor Steve Cremer provided Tetrix photos

Tetrix info and photos from Atlanta showcase during World Championships

What is Tetrix?  Tetrix is the new FTC robotics design platform, integrated by Pitsco.  As it stands currently, the new FTC kit consists of a LEGO NXT controller, a custom secondary controller (for motors and sensors), 11 motors (4 substantial 12V gear motors, 4 servomotors & 3 LEGO NXT motors), 10 sensors (standard NXT touch, light, ultrasonic and sound, plus compass, acceleration, gyroscope and color), 2 NiMH 7.2v 3000mAh rechargeable batteries, aluminum building components (beams, gears, brackets, tubes, etc), multiple wheels, a Bluetooth game controller, various wires and mounting hardware and three coding environments (NXT-G, LabVIEW & RobotC). LEGO components come in the form of a full Mindstorms NXT kit, complete with LEGO building pieces.

For the upcoming 2008-9 FTC season, FIRST has committed donated funds to defraying half of the expense of a new $900 competition kit for each of this seasons registered teams, leaving a total of $450 to acquire this equipment.  In addition, another 250 rookie teams will be eligible for a $450 grant on the basis of financial need.  Each state FTC partner will receive $5000 toward their program expenses.

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